Shower Leaking Repair

A leaking shower may not seem like a significant problem because of the water within the shower and unlikely to cause considerable inconvenience. They are further encouraging the growth of mould. When mould problems become severe, drywall and tile may need to be entirely replaced to remove it. Some types of fungus are even toxic and can make you and your family members sick with prolonged exposure. Persistent dampness can lead to several problems in the bathroom. If the walls are always wet, the drywall can rot, and the framing can become more susceptible to invasion by pests like termites. Drips can also cause unsightly cosmetic problems in bathrooms, such as staining on painted surfaces. It is essential to have certified professional conduct the shower assessment. The inspection report will give details of why the leak occurred, solutions as well as the reasons why such solutions are essential. Ignoring them will cause you long term building defects which will cost you a lot of time and money and offer you a lot of stress in return – so don’t ignore your need for leaking shower repairs.

Elite Sealed is one of the best leak detection company in Melbourne for many reasons:

  • We grant you the best options and affordable cost.
  • We go through continuous and rigorous discipline training to ensure you always receive the best services.
  • We treat all our customers and their properties with maximum respect.
  • We provide time-completion estimates for your convenience.
  • We deliver detailed Leak Detection Without Destruction.
  • We never leave the mess behind, and we are always prompt.

Elite Sealed Retiling, Re-Waterproofing and Sealing services.

 If the shower base is cracked and loose or drummy tiles, a Seal option will quickly fail. It takes a lot of pressure/force to break a fixed floor or wall tile. With regards to losing or drummy tiles there are many reasons which could cause this including not enough of or the wrong glue being used, the screed under the floor tiles being too soft, the wall sheeting behind the tiles being rotten or not appropriately fixed etc.


We offer many reasonable options to solve your shower leak problems.

Where this is the case, the process typically the following sequence:

  • Floor, the base of the wall (as a minimum) and hob tiles removed.
  • The cement bed (screed) assessed and removed as required.
  • The subfloor and walls assessed if additional work is required a report and quote will be provided ASAP to the client.
  • Priming and Inject polyurethane sealant into the joints with the membrane.
  • Apply waterproofing liquid plus flexible bandage to the main junction joints of the walls and floor as per Australian standards. (double coats)
  • We install water-stop at the shower base.
  • New sand-cement screed is applied as required and allow to dry.
  • Re-tile floor and walls applied with waterproof flexible adhesive.
  • Walls and floor grouted.
  • Reseal the shower-base and all other junction joints and tap spindles using pro-flax sealant.
  • Re-install taps and shower-rose.
  • Shower screen re-installed (where possible) or new shower screen supply and sealed.
  • We follow best industry practices, and wherever possible, we aim to exceed these. Relevant Australian Quality Standards (AS3740) are applied, and our work all confidently and appropriately warranted and guaranteed. We specialise in leaking shower repairs Melbourne wide.
  • We provide high-quality products and Eight years guarantee. 

Shower Leaking Repair Projects

wall and floor tiling

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A leaking shower may not seem like a significant problem because of the water within the shower and unlikely to cause considerable [...]